My Sweet Little Cherub??

Mini-Man has become quite mobile lately.  It’s about time too, since he is nearly 15 months and I am getting sick and tired of having to soak all his pants in Oxyclean from his crawling around in the filth in which we live.  I am also sick and tired of trying to hold the kid in my arms when we are in a public place and he wants to get on the floor.  I’m sorry, son.  I’m pretty sure that neither the post office nor Target have the high standards of floor cleanliness that we do here at the EmLouisa household. (haha) Which is also why your older brother is not allowed to lick the floor in either of those places.  (don’t ask.)

I was really looking forward to this whole mobility thing. But, as the Poison reminded us back in the day, Every Rose Has Its Thorn.  And here people, are my thorns:

I had to laugh and take a picture when I caught Mini-Man on my desk.  Two seconds after I snapped the picture though, I was not laughing.  The glass of water?  Totally on the floor and all over my keyboard tray.  This little trick was MAYBE funny for about 10 seconds.  What is NOT funny is how he is constantly trying to get back onto the desk.  Phones, cameras, alarm clocks, small ingestible pennies.  Can I blame him?  Those things are so exciting it’s a wonder that I’M not perched on the desk ten times a day.


And here we are in the guest bath.  We have a nice stool for Big Brother (the boy, not the government) who is learning to be self-sufficient by “washing” his hands and face after each meal.  This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that Mini-Man usually pulls his feet up and tries to hang on the sink like some class of monkey.  I’d like him to keep the seven teeth he has for a while still, thank you.


 Ah, the trash.  Who doesn’t love how their toddler pilfers through the trash?  And who wouldn’t want to suck on a bacon grease-soaked paper towel from yesterday’s dinner of Waffles and Bacon.  I’m pretty sure this is where half of our sippy cups went and where half the Buzz and Woody’s went too.  Yep.  Gone forever.


This is the way we empty/fill the dishwasher at our house.  First you have to do a room scan.  Do you see a Mini-Man?  Is he occupied?  If he is not, you find something to occupy him or give up on the whole dishwasher thing until later.  If he IS occupied you open the door veeeerrrrrryyyyy slowly as to not draw any attention.  You pull the drawers out veeeeerrrrryyyyy slowly.  Then you unload as fast as you can.  If he figures out what you are doing he will make a beeline, so you must act fast.  Take as much out as you can and SLAM the door closed just before he gets there.  He will cry, but it will save you from having to rewash or gag from watching him put dirty spoons into his mouth.  Try to occupy him again.  This will not be successful, so you will have to wait to do the dishwasher thang until later. 

I caught him like this a few days ago, looking completely content.  He gave me a HA HA grin as he was caught.  Don’t get used to it, Buddy.  This was a one time deal.


And finally, what kind of mother would I be if I left out a toilet picture?  This is Mini-Man’s most recent discovery.  Note that his entire arm is involved.  What you are not seeing is that he licks his fingers when he is done.  So disgusting, and makes me very happy that we are not “If It’s Yellow Let It Mellow” type of people. 


For safety reasons I left out the pictures of him standing on the kitchen table, kitchen chairs, kitchen bar stools and the train table.  Didn’t think I could run for the camera fast enough without him falling.  I’ll do a lot of things for the sake of a blog, but paying $100 for an ER visit is just not one of them.

Last week I told Greg that I LOVED this stage.  I love watching him discover the world around him and how he fits into it.  Plus he is so cuddly, and is just so expressive about everything!  Five minutes later I told Greg that I HATED this stage! He is into EVERYTHING!  And it’s true.  It’s definitely a love/hate relationship right now. 


“Better get used to these bars, kid.”



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